Dr Artin Moussavi joined the company in May 2019 as the Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining Leucid, Artin served as Chairman and Chief Business Officer of cell therapy company, TC Biopharm, helping to transform the business from start-up to clinical stage biopharma with over £20 million raised from equity investment and collaborations with global pharmaceutical partners. Before his roles in the cell therapy industry, Artin served as CEO of Lux Innovate applying industrial biotechnology across pharmaceutical, medical device and energy sectors. Artin founded Brathmor Ventures in 2013, investing and working with innovative companies across the biopharma, branded pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical sectors. He began his career as a research scientist at King’s College London focused on cellular immunology. Artin holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Edinburgh Business School, a Doctorate from King’s College London and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Edinburgh.

Dr John Maher is a clinically active consultant immunologist at Eastbourne Hospital and King’s Health Partners. While a visiting fellow in the laboratory of Michel Sadelain, he was the first to engineer and test second generation CAR technology in human T cells, building on the pioneering work of Helene Finney in the Jurkat model system. He established CAR T cell research at King’s College London in 2004 where he leads the "CAR Mechanics" group, which is focused on the development of adoptive immunotherapy using CAR engineered and gamma delta T cells. He is chief investigator of a Phase 1 clinical trial in which a pan-ErbB targeted CAR that he developed is being evaluated in patients with refractory locally advanced/ recurrent head and neck cancer.

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