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Driving the future of cancer therapy

At Leucid Bio, we work with a purpose: helping cancer patients feel better and live longer. Surrounded by experts-in-field, we are constantly learning and enhancing our personal growth. We have a dynamic, supportive and diverse team, where respect, teamwork, skill and a drive to cure cancer are keys to success. 

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Hear from our team


“Working at Leucid Bio on the generation of cutting edge CAR T-cell platform technologies has enabled the rapid translation of our research towards future therapies for patients.” 

Dr Marc Davies, VP CAR Engineering

“I joined Leucid for the chance to work at the forefront of innovation and technology. I love the fast pace this kind of research involves and being able to be at my most productive is extremely fulfilling.”

Dr Maya Glover, Team Leader


"Originally working in academia, I made the switch to biotech and CAR T-cell immunotherapy to not only be a part of ground-breaking translational research that could truly change peoples’ lives, but to also work in a fast-moving and highly innovative research environment. As senior scientist at Leucid Bio, I design and conduct a lot of experiments testing and validating our CARs, as well as manage various aspects of laboratory life. It’s an incredibly rewarding job that never fails to challenge and excite me!"

Dr Fahima Kausar, Team Leader

"I chose to undertake a PhD with Leucid because if CAR T cells can be successfully engineered to treat solid tumours, they will be the next generation of cancer therapy, and I believe Leucid has the drive and innovation to achieve this. Working here, I have the freedom to try out and develop my own ideas but also have support and guidance from everyone on the team." 

Benjamin Draper, PhD Student

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