about CAR T

Our mission is to develop CAR T therapies that produce a better and more durable response than previous CAR T generations, improving treatment outcomes and saving the lives of patients with refractory cancers.


Cancer Immunotherapy Early Career Researcher Virtual Meeting


Join our CSO John Maher give a keynote talk on CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy of Solid Tumors: Learning from the Clinic and Lab in Parallel



Date: 29th April 2021

Time: 15:00 BST

Event organised by Proteintech

Our Science

CAR T cells are genetically altered immune cells engineered to hunt down and destroy cancer cells.

Parallel CAR T Cell Platform

Leucid has developed a proprietary engine that develops CAR T molecules designed to be in more natural biological cell configurations. These are called parallel CAR T or pCAR T therapies. The pCAR T model has consistently outperformed previous generations of CAR T therapies in pre-clinical studies by enhancing T cell potency and generating a persistent long-term response.

T4 Immunotherapy

Leucid’s first clinical asset is a pan-ErbB targeted autologous CAR T cell product for patients with otherwise untreatable head and neck cancer. It is currently in Phase I and 16 patients have been treated at doses of up to 1 billion CAR T cells of whom 10 have achieved disease stabilisation. 

Novel Manufacturing Platforms

Leucid has developed an improved, more rapid and scalable manufacturing route that relies on a simple blood draw.