about CAR-T

Our mission is to develop CAR-T therapies to improve treatment outcomes and save the lives of patients with refractory cancers.


Join us at the Immuno-Oncology Summit Europe!

John Maher, CSO, will present on the challenges of CAR T-cell therapy in solid tumours and how to overcome them, including how Leucid are tackling these issues with our proprietary pCAR and adaptor CAR technologies.

23rd-25th May, 2022

London, UK


Our Science

CAR T-cell therapy is a revolutionary technology in which immune cells, called T-cells, are reprogrammed so they can recognise and destroy cancer cells.

Parallel CAR T-Cell Platform

Founded to translate 20 years of pioneering CAR-T research led by Dr John Maher at King's College London (King's), Leucid Bio has developed a proprietary portfolio based upon Dr Maher’s novel approach, in which the CAR structure has been redesigned to recapitulate the lateral distribution of signalling domains as observed in natural immune receptors. The technology gives properties to the CAR-Ts that enable them to consistently outperform previous generations of CAR-T therapies in pre-clinical studies; enhancing T-cell potency and generating a persistent long-term response with reduced toxicity.

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T4 Immunotherapy

Leucid Bio’s T4 Immunotherapy is a pan-ErbB targeted autologous CAR T-cell product for patients with otherwise untreatable head and neck cancer. It is currently in Phase I, with 18 patients treated to date, of whom 10 have achieved disease stabilisation.

Novel Manufacturing Platforms

Leucid Bio has developed an improved, more rapid and scalable manufacturing process that relies on a simple blood draw.

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